Eastern Rockaway Access

A transportation study to improve access to jobs, services, retail, and the rest of the city.


Access to Opportunity is a multiyear transportation study in the Eastern Rockaways to improve residents’ access to goods, services, and jobs. This study is a collaboration with the Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development (HPD) to align transportation investments with land use and housing investments. ​Improvements stemming from this access-based approach can include not only roadway improvements, but also transit, walking, and cycling improvements, and even land use recommendations. 

So tell us: What makes it harder for you to reach the services and jobs you need? Use our online map to pinpoint issues with intersections, sidewalks, traffic, buses, commuter vans, the subway, etc., and NYCDOT will use your feedback as the basis for future improvements.

We envision multiple outcomes of this multiyear planning effort, including:

  • Short-term improvements to be implemented in summer 2017
  • A plan for long-term improvements in the neighborhood, and  
  • An urban design and street connectivity conceptual plan for future development sites in Eastern Rockaways. 

​Access to Opportunity will be guided by public involvement in every stage of its development, from identifying issues, to prioritizing long-term improvements. We're starting our first wave of public involvement this fall, beginning with Saturday's HPD-led meeting in Edgemere, and following up with outreach in downtown Far Rockaway (to be announced shortly) and on-street ambassador outreach in mid-November. A formal community workshop will be held in late November/early December. We'll be regularly changing this website as the project progresses, so check back with us regularly to see your inputs and our updates.

We looking forward to hearing from you about how we can help make Eastern Rockaways even better!​